bae. MINTING on July 15, 2022 at 0.01 ETH

bae. MINTING on July 15, 2022 at 0.01 ETH


Purpose & Mission

To create an inclusive, harmonious and integrated community of Women Centric NFTs with Women Verse.

To improve the under-representation of women in this respective ecosystem.

To encourage freedom of expression through fashion.

Essence of bae.



More Opportunities for Women, Before Anyone Else in this new space of financial economy.



Your own fashion label disguised as an NFT. Our unisex fashion clothing line will be available in Metaverse and IRL.


Onboarding Artist

A bae. initiative, bae. Collective. is achieving the milestones of helping artists go from web2 to web3 Before Anyone Else.

bae. lockit

bae. lockit - An early access pass to bae.NFTs

333 bae. were launched on 25th June, 2022 as an early access pass to bae. NFTs. Where every bae. holder will receive 1 bae.nft per via airdrop. Thanks to all the early supporters, bae. was minted out in just 23 minutes.

Mint Details

With a total supply of 5555 NFTs , bae. has already promised 333 NFTs to its bae. holders and decided to keep 222 NFTs for promotions, collaborations, influencer marketing and giveaways.

Remaining 5000 NFTs will be relased in number of batches. The 1st batch will have a total supply of 2222 NFTs at a Mint price of 0.01 eth. Supply and price of the remaining batches is TBD.


Meet Our Team

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Prachi Shukla

Artist & Chief Executing Officer

Prachi Shukla, our artist & the creative lead of the project is an internationally renowned woman photographer with an Honourable Mention in International Photography Awards 2021 and a co-founder of 13 Voyage- An Open Art Studio, working globally with brands and advertising agencies for visual content creation.

As the finalist of National Geographic Cover Shot Season 4- a reality show to find the best photographer in the field she has made a mark in the industry at a very early stage of her career and there is no looking back since then. The work has also been featured in many international and indigenous publications- Art of Portraits - 2019; IMIRAGE Magazine - 2019; 7 Hues Magazine - 2018, Times of India 2018; Indian Express - 2018; Deccan Chronicles - 2017 to name a few.

Siddharth Jain

Chief Operating Officer

Innovation and Execution amalgamate, to form the core of what Siddharth is. Lawyer, turned NFT developer, jainy loves the thrill and effort that the crypto space requires. Having been in leadership position throughout his young life, jainy, believes this space is where he needs to be right now. Carpe Diem!

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Sarthak Gupta

Chief Marketing Officer

Rhythm, ideals of music, is something that our co-founder Sarthak, not only loves but lives by. Astute businessman backed with a MBA degree from Scotland, UK and a passionate Dj/Music producer, Sarthak is the creative link that every team needs. Innovative mind matched with his unflagging work ethic translates into a personality ready to test new waters. Crypto space gives him the perfect opportunity to show his sheer ingenuity. ‘Veni Vidi Vici’

Karan Malik

Chief Business Officer

Passionate about creating Web3 products that provide real-world integration. With a knack for product development and zeal for entrepreneurship, Karan Malik comes with a background in Taxation and Finance, with a keen interest in Market Research. Presently designing product strategies for clients in the Web2/Web3 space, Karan has a strong inclination toward networking and has actively been involved in growing the Web3 community with an aim to bring more people to Blockchain.

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Elements Studio

Production Partner

To bring the idea of Before Anyone Else(bae.) to life we have collaborated with the best in the industry. The team behind the Facebook- Meta commercials, as our Production Partners. Our production partners excel in the VFX, editing and animation; they have done some recognisable work with the team of Netflix, Vice, AT&T Explore, AT&T Holiday Pulse, AT&T Right to You, Charlotte FC Kit, Nike Sha’Carri, Nike Sky Brown, Reebok Cardi B, Success Mag: Glen Sterns, Success Mag: Bethany Mot, Takeda HyHub, Tostitos: Danny Trejo and many more commercials, documentary and movies.

Mary - Twitter handle management
Neha Jella - Social Media Manager
Shikhar Shukla - Creative Director
Shaurya Dagar - Graphic Designer
Soumya Srivastava - Content Writer
basho - strategy support